11.3 – 10.4.2011

Erik Kiesewetter, curator, creative net worker and graphic designer, will present an interactive poster machine: With the traditional Mardi Gras colors purple, yellow and green, he prints posters enriching the communicative festivity of Mardi Gras by involving the visitors in this process.

Aubrey Edwards, a photographer from New Orleans, and music writer Alison Fensterstock will show an extraction of the exhibition „Where They At“. This room installation is a homage to the New Orleans bounce scene presenting its protagonists, likeable and rude at the same time. As a new variation of Hip Hop born in the clubs of New Orleans, bounce music can be considered the heartbeat of the city.

Rachel DeTrinis stands for the traditional arts and crafts being deep-rooted in New Orleans. Her sensitive installations made of yarn and tissue are a modern approach to the past of her southern hometown.

Furthermore, the works of the winners in the design competition "Southern Comfort Creative Exchange" will be exhibited.