Culinary Misfits

The overall effect leaves one realizing that there is much more beauty in variation than there is in having a homogenous collection of identical plates, cups, and veggies. Their ultimate goal is to change public opinion and inspire consumers to love and eat the whole harvest in all its diversity.


Both, Lea Emma Rosa Brumsack and Tanja Krakowski, studied Product Design. Lea did so at the University of the Arts in Berlin and finished in 2009 with her Diploma thesis revolving around the subject of Urban Consumerism, Distance and Closeness to our food.


Tanja studied at Potsdam University of Applied Siences and finished her studies in the end of 2011 with her BA thesis about Food Waste and Saving Food. They both focused early on in their studies on the subject of sustainability and an overall holistic design approach. Lea also enganged in various social projects. They both love food and all the aspects revolving around it, like togetherness, sharing (food, memories, experiences, relationsships) celebrations, emotions, senses... Besides all that Lea gets very excited about all sorts of global street food culture and Tanja loves spending time with her extended family in San Francisco, getting inspired by the fresh fusion food culture there.