Katerina Belkina

Katerina Belkina propels the characteristics of the Neo-Renaissance into the centre of topical issues.

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With the series Revival, Katerina Belkina reinterprets the historical form language of the Neo-Renaissance and formulates contemporary problems in the context of art and psychology.


For the first time in Germany, a major part of Nikogosian's works are presented, ranging from sculptural monument studies to nude paintings – for the then USSR a rather unusual subject.

Illustrative 16

A stage for scurrilous compositions, graphical studies & trenchant collages.

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The 32 currently most respected illustrators prove once again the vitality of the art form illustration, which in a digitally networked world with increasingly short-lived content reinvents itself every year. The curators of the Direktorenhaus have developed the Illustrative decisively further: From a festival to a museum show.