The designer shows how innovations in production, form and aesthetics turn an everyday material into something new and fascinating.

Melissa Loop

Melissa Loop uses her travels as a subject to explore notions of how we form assumptions about authenticity, place, and spirituality through our explorations and ill-informed ideas of other cultures.

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Melissa Loop searches for those rare moments where everything transcends and becomes magical again.

Ferris McGuinty

In a world now saturated with the “Hi-Tech”, Ferris McGuinty’s work instead subverts this approach, and calls upon the use of humble materials like stone, wire or wood.

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The scale of the works attempt to allow the viewer intimate access and in turn provides them with a pure aesthetic experience.

Daniel Mullen

As a child, Mullen was fascinated by constructed space. This fascination, in combination with Lego, became the playground for his imagination.

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Modern architecture forms the basis for Mullen's paintings.

Illustrative 16

A stage for scurrilous compositions, graphical studies & trenchant collages.

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