The illustration-collection comprises works by contemporary illustration-artists.

Maike Luedenbach - Riding Red

Maike Luedenbach

Maike Lüdenbach is a german artist resident in Vienna.

Chemin Hsiao - Full House

Chemin Hsiao

Chemin Hsiao is a Taiwanese painter, illustrator and art instructor based in New York City.

Lauren Brevner - Ka

Lauren Brevner

Lauren Brevner is an artist from Vancouver.

Sonja Danowski - Seedlings

Sonja Danowski

Sonja Danowski lives in Berlin, where she works as an artist, author and illustrator.

Dean Reynolds - Tower of Creation

Dean Reynolds

Dean Reynolds is an american artist.

Jean-Pierre Arboleda - The Cleansing Smoke

Jean-Pierre Arboleda

Jean Pierre Arboleda is an artist from Ecuador.

Valero Doval - Mask

Valero Doval

Valero is an artist currently based in Spain.

Inka Järvinen - Part III, Untitled 4

Inka Järvinen

A Helsinki based printmaker.

Matt Phillips - Untitled

Matt Phillips

Matt Phillips is an artist from Brooklyn.

Jun Cen - Untitled

Jun Cen

Jun Cen is an award-winning illustrator and animator.

Peter Diamond - Therapy Today

Peter Diamond

Peter Diamond is an illustrator based in Vienna.

Ben Sack - Singapore

Ben Sack

Benjamin Sack is an American artist living and working in Leesburg, Virginia.

Steven Tabutt - The Wasp

Steven Tabutt

Steven Tabbutt is an illustrator from Maine.

Gramax + Paura - I & The Other

Gramax + Paura

Gramax and Paura form a creative duo, born in 2015.

Max Guther - Untitled

Max Guther

Max Guther is a 25-year-old illustrator living and working in Mainz, Germany.

Albane Simon - Divina Commedia

Albane Simon

Albane is a surreal collagist.

Laurindo Feliciano - Carnaby Street

Laurindo Feliciano

Laurindo Feliciano is an awarded Brazilian artist, illustrator and art director. He has lived and worked in France since 2003.

Nancy Liang - House on Moon

Nancy Liang

An illustrator and animator from Sydney.

Benjamin Courtault - Acrobatic

Benjamin Courtault

A French illustrator currently based in Paris.

Joe Cruz - Pastel Portrait

Joe Cruz

A multicultural artist based in London.

Cripsta - Untitled

Alessandro Crippa

Alessandro Crippa aka ‘Cripsta’ is based in Milan.

Miyoko Ogawa - France 365

Miyoko Ogawa

Miyoko Ogawa is a graphic artist based in France. Born in Hiroshima, Japan.