Masterpieces 2016

The finest German manufactory products.

Stefan Berg is a German photographer and designer. He is primarily concerned with the topics of work, identity and education.He was born in Bielefeld in 1971, made an apprenticeship and mastered as photographer in Heidelberg. During extended stays in French-speaking countries he worked for agencies, magazines and government institutions. Works by him were exhibited in Germany, France and Belgium, a series was included in the collection of the German Embassy Paris, and another in the collection of the German Embassy in Paris. Since 2014 he is head of the Department of Photography at the BEST-Sabel Designschule Berlin.The exhibition "The most beautiful German manufactory products" is curated by the Direktorenhaus and is produced in cooperation with the Verband Deutsche Manufakturen.


The pre-Christmas winter exhibition shows 45 new and partly undiscovered masterpieces of German manufactories. The selected objects are exemplary in design, conception and workmanship and depict a wide range of design and manufacturing alternatives. Taking part in the exhibition are manufactory products from the competition “Manufactory Product of the Year” of the Verband Deutsche Manufakturen. The exhibits set an example of and show important trends and currents in German quality production. The products of the exhibition are – as is the Christmas custom – available for purchase. The exhibition “The finest German manufactory products” is curated by the Direktorenhaus and is a joint venture with the Verband Deutsche Manufakturen.


Allgäuer Keramik, Berliner Messinglampen, Columbus Verlag, Kaffeerösterei de koffiemann, Emil Scheibel Schwarzwaldbrennerei, Flair, Feingerätebau K. Fischer GmbH, Guede, mono, Porzellanmanufaktur Fürstenberg, Strickmanufaktur Zella, Tutima Uhrenfabrik, Waldmann, Wendt & Kühn, Kupfermanufaktur Weyersberg, Marolin, Dibbern, LMW Leuchtenmanufaktur Wurzen, Glasmanufaktur von Poschinger, Gehring, Mühle Shavings, SGT Spezial- und Gerätetaschen, Vickermann und Stoya, Tamesis Design