Radical Craft

The Direktorenhaus with its exhibition spaces and workshops acts as a transit zone for artistic craftworkers, designers and manufactories. Here “craftsmanship”, the exercising of manual skills, is being taken further. The Direktorenhaus projects alternate between design experiments, new materials, future designs for society and the art of design.

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24 MAY, 06:30 pm
closed until 31st of October


Opening hours
Tue - Fr 11 am - 6pm


„How Art a Design can be?“

Guest curator Teodora Kotseva invites leading international designers to the Direktorenhaus to discuss the big and small issues of contemporary design.

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1. November 2019


Benjamin Sack – Labyrinths

A collection of map-like meditations surveying unfamiliar forms of urbanism – “Labyrinths” a solo exhibition of Benjamin Sack at the Direktorenhaus.

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