Alessa Joosten

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Alessa Joosten is a jewellery designer from Düsseldorf, whose work was honored by the State Prize Manufactum in 2017. Her work situates itself between the worlds of art, design and fashion, the minimalist forms in combination with unusual sizes, colours or materials stand out and attract attention, but somehow manage to remain modest.

Joosten works with simple but delicate techniques of folding, bending, cutting or clipping. Her objects can also be seen as powerful statements and are made for self confident women. The State Prize Manufactum for instance was awarded to her necklace in plane tree wood, with a big nod instead of the medaillon. The material and form endow this piece of jewellery with individuality, the frozen movement of the wood - with expression and extravagance. Joosten uses the language, that is reduced to its essence. She creates fashion objects, that are inspired by art, like minimalism or art deco, but also by modern zeitgeist. The extraordinariness of her talent lies in its simplicity.