Anne Lengnink

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Different things can be told about Anne Lengninks work: body-related but light and celestial, sometimes bright and joyful, other times melancholic and dark.

33 year old artist has studied jewellery design by Andrea Wippermann at the Wismar University and had won different awards, as well as Caspar-David-Friedrich-Stipendium in 2017. A closer look on the works of Lengnink reveals some of their hidden qualities.First of all the artist works a lot with action: her objects unfold their potential in the interaction with the human body. “Auf dem Grund ist Dunkel genug” (“it is dark enough at the bottom”) is for instance a jewellery collection, that combines pure and clear colours and forms of porcelain with strong, abstract titles, referring to human body. A mix of latex and porcelain results in the expressive work with the title Mammae Masculinae, a white porcelain necklace with a perfect geometric shape carries the name Circumclusion (The act of enclosing on all sides). In this experiment with the capacities of the porcelain the lifeless material takes a lively form and grants the new view on the usual structure of the human body.