Antje Dienstbir

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The work of Antje Dienstbir is pretty specific: she forges spoons. Her passion is the form of a spoon, taken out of the context of its function. With her technique and approach she distracts the attention of her viewer of a spoon as an eating utensil to its figure, its aesthetical component.

48 year old artist from Bremen was trained as a goldsmith and has studied Design at the Pforzheim College of Design at the Wolverhampton university. Dienstbir works a lot with silver, which is capable of reflecting the smallest details of the forged objects and also corresponds to her aesthetical criterias. Especially interesting are her experiments with wood: in the project “Silber und Holz” (silver and wood) she has placed the silver spoon tops on the wooden rods, as which she sometimes uses delicately crafted wooden pieces but eventually also ice cream chopsticks from REWE.Another important material she uses is stoneware clay, with which the objects are forged. In the work exhibition “Reliefs” the ready objects are placed near their “negatives”. This interplay interests the artist: not just the spoon but also the story of its creation is of great importance.