Armin Kolb

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Since its founding in 1979, Armin Kolb’s studio has literally revolved around one small phenomenon: the spinning top! However, this little object is not perceived in its classical way as a child’s toy, but rather understood as an aesthetic object of art.

In his work, Kolb investigates the question of which shapes and material combinations are possible and necessary in order to highlight the aesthetics of a spinning top without limiting its functionality. In elaborate – sometimes forgotten – turning techniques, he combines different natural materials such as amber and coral with various precious woods and completes his objects by filigree inlay and goldsmith’s work. The resulting bandwidth of the different spinning tops challenges the viewer to take time, to deal with every detail, to take them in their hands and play with them. Armin Kolb’s spinning tops stand symbolically for the game as an end in itself, but also for the polarizing interaction of movement and stillness at the same time. The spinning tops have won several awards and are part of public collections such as the Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe, the Grassimuseum Leipzig or the Power Station of Art in Shanghai.