Barbara Butz

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Barbara Butz works in the field of vessel ceramics and manufactures plates, bowls and vases  in luminous colors and simple, charming design. Besides the object ceramics is also an essential part of her repertoire, the flat wall plates, forming different patterns in combinations with one another.

Barbara Butz was born in Munich in 1960. She studied Painting at the Academy of the Applied Arts in Munich and graduated with Diploma in Painting and Graphics. In 2014 she was awarded with the Danner Prize for the outstanding Handwork. Butz’s style is well recognizable: saturated colors, concentric forms, elegant yet playful patterns, contrasts and combinations.The sets are organized by the designer according to the color palettes. Plates or vessels of different sizes and forms can be gathered together, on the top of one another, which results in a pleasing congruity of geometric forms and color shades.