Christian Haas

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Christian Haas was born in 1974 in Erlangen. Before opening his studio in Paris in 2007 he was working in Munich as industrial designer. Since 2015 he lives and works in Porto, Portugal.

Haas is producing practical objects like furniture, kitchen utensils or vases with an emphasis on longevity and comfort, which stand out because of their aesthetics. His furniture, for instance, is individual and made on inquiry, which requires plenty of time to experiment and profound understanding of the subject. The partner of Haas, Andreas Markudis, proudly designates their collaboration as a craftsmanship, avoiding the term “manufacture”. May it be the glasses with strict, precise contours from the collection TRESOR, or handmade ropes with LED lamps in them: the individuality, which is a product of exquisite handcraft, is an essential element of the work. Trying to make his designs timeless, Haas experiments with aesthetics. His edition of the glass objects, the collection FOCUS THE UNKNOWN, is a perfect example of how design can take up the task of storytelling and bring the elements of art closer to our everyday life. The particular set includes four vases, each of them crafted individually, having its own color, pattern and history.