Felicia Mülbaier

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The 30 year old Felicia Müllbaier from Idar-Oberstein organizes her exhibitions since 2014. After being trained as fashion designer and custom tailor she studied Applied Art and Design in Düsseldorf and works as jewellery designer ever since.

Through “transforming material into its absence” Mülbaier traps the immateriality of feelings in the objects that she creates. For instance: how would a single moment look, if it was captured in a form? Or the human thoughts, if they were from porcelain and glass? Through combinations of different materials like steel, glass, porcelain, copper or rock Mülbaier creates immaterial objects, that reflect the inner world of the artist and endow it with form, image and color. Through “material storytelling” Müllbaier tells us more, than the bare material has to offer, through adding the social or individual context, emotionality, ideas. The frozen postures of the “thought buds” for instance look more like a throbbing vortex of a restless thought, than a piece of ceramics, covered with glass.