Florian Milker

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Florian Milker was born in 1984 in Weimar, worked as a goldsmith in Arnstadt, Erfurt and Halle and graduated from Art College Burg Giebichenstein in Halle. In his works the artist tries to reveal the individuality of the objects, that surround him.

Florian Milker had started small — with jewellery. His diploma-work at the Art College in Halle, with the title 'J{c}A', is a collection of chain pendants, manufactured with 3D Printer from modular components. Designing the pieces, Milker oriented himself towards protective symbols used in jewellery and architecture and has interpreted them in a modern way: the symbols lose their superstitious functions and become decorative objects.Milker attempts to elicit the symbolical character of the objects in his surroundings. The transformation into a jewellery piece creates a new context, that can be amusing but also curious. The symbolism of phallos, for instance, emerges repeatedly in his works, ventilation flaps become brooches. The P-series, on the other hand, handles the topic of child curiosity: paper airplanes, covered with silver or metal become jewellery pieces, that can’t fly anymore.