Jantje Almstedt

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In her work Jantje Almstedt reflects on the social questions that stir her mind, creating striking and controversial  figures from ceramics, wood and other materials. Almstedt was born in 1988 in Dagobertshausen, Hessen. She studied Plastic/Ceramics in the Burg Giebichenstein Art College in Halle and has been granted the Frechener Keramikpreis and 2019 the Förderpreis »Keramik im Pulverturm«, Oldenburg.

Almstedt creates parallel realities: worlds, that oscillate between utopic and dystopic constructions and are linked to our dimension through the use of powerful metaphorical imagery. For instance, the absurd reality in the installation "Schichilitz" is inhabited by head-high figures of ceramic, that stand out of a colourful ball bath. These figures were created on the basis of the photos from the war zones: “Ahnungswolken” (“premonition-clouds”) is how Almstedt has named them. These grotesque, colorless, ugly explosive mushroom clouds, that forebode horror and death, stick out of the pool of colourful reality.The theme of war and destruction is also addressed in the installation “Bombensoldat”: the remains of a soldier, two legs and pelvis, are juxtaposed to numerous “bombs”, made from porcelain - oblong colourful objects, resembling/referring to/ironically “substituting” male genitalia.