Jochen Holz

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Jochen Holz is a german glassblower and designer, his works include tableware, one off objects and neon light sculptures and installations. His objects distance themselves from the rules of symmetry and have a distinctive organic language. The emphasis is always to show the making process and the nature of glass as a ‘frozen’ liquid.


Prefabricated glass tubes are formed by melting it over a big gas oxygen burner, this way of glassblowing is derived from scientific instrument making called lamp working. The glass is then blown, pulled or shaped with different tools and afterwards annealed in a kilnThe resulting objects show how the glass was manipulated, a bulbous breath, peristaltic moving intestines or the tool marks and  imprints of different textured surfaces like perforated metal and burned wood.  Holz strives to retain the memory of the making in the object as a fluid and changing conversation with the material.  All  objects are made of prefabricated borosilicate glass tubes, which is highly durable and heat resistant. In recent years Holz also started to experiment with neon, producing highly original sculptures with bent silhouettes and complex curvatures. Holz studied applied arts in Edinburg and graduated from the Royal College of Art in London with a Master's degree in ceramics and glass. Since then he lives and works as a freelance glass artist in East London