Juliane Schölß

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Juliane Schölß’s work is extremely minimalistic. There are no distracting components, patterns or accessories, it is about the first class quality, soothing colors and preserving the traditional simplicity of design.

Juliane was born in Ingolstadt and passed the training as a silversmith apprentice at the State College for Glass and Jewellery at Kaufbeuren/Neugablonz. She had later studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in Nürnberg and before that — History of Arts and Romance Studies in Regensburg. Therefore, the designer combines the practical experience with theoretical knowledge of arts in her work.The glasses, carafes, vases and vessels, that Schölß manufactures aren’t perfectly smooth or symmetrical, they don’t hide the imperfections of their form, but stress it and reveal the simple beauty of it. This reductionist approach led to creation of such objects like “Karaffen und Becher”, a set of carafes and mugs, held in a strict aesthetics, resembling a metal sheet, folded in an oval, for which Schölß won the Bayern State Prize or “Frühstücksbouquet”, a collection of breakfast utensils, all following the same aesthetics but each having its individual form and size, honored with Danner Prize 2011.