Katharina Moch

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Katharina Mochs jewellery challenge our viewing habits in a special way: In her works, traditional goldsmithing techniques get together with the joy of experimenting to create lurid, unusual structures, which in their extraneousness only find comparison in the world of the deep sea.

After an apprenticeship in goldsmithing in Germany, Moch studied Jewelry Design at the Birmingham City University. Soon afterwards, she was nominated for the WCC Europe Young Talent Prize, won the Stonesetting Award oft he British Jewellers Association and was granted multiple international scholarships. Her provoking, odd objects were shown at the Naturalienkabinette of the Bayerische Staatssammlung, at the Viaduc des Arts in Paris and in many european and US-american galleries. Since 2002, Moch works as a freelance artist and manufactures unique jewelry.