Klaus Kirchner

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Wooden Vessels with an ancient/historic form background Amphore like Vessels – known from Egyptians, greeks or romans, Calebash or basket form objects (neolitic bandceramics) – not made from ceramics, but hand turned on the lathe using locally sourced timber.



On some of these vessels there is bark incorporated into the design, so that the viewer can observe and discover how the vessel was placed inside of the tree log. These sort of objects are also called side or cross grain objects. One could also say or imagine that i was digging out the vessels of the log of the tree like an archeologist diggs out pieces from the soil. Klaus Kirchner designs and creates wooden objects from reclaimed timber in his workshop in Hanau close to Frankfurt. His main concept is to show the natural beauty of the wood that might have voids, branches and splits because these will add much to the uniqueness of a given piece.