Klemens Grund

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After three years of carpenter education and few more of exploring the world Klemens Grund studied at The Academy of Crafts and Design in Gut Rosenberg. At the graduation he was honored as the best in his class and in few years more won the “Jungeshandwerk” price in North Rhine-Westphalia. He creates wooden furniture and is also engaged in bigger projects, like wooden architectural constructions in Hamm or Klimt.

Grund’s goal is to work less commercially, not to show and reinvent things, that are already out there. As a carpenter, who works in a field between the beautiful and necessary, he regards the tendencies of the modern industry rather critically: when something appears new, it is preferred to something that is more reasonable and practical. Functionality can be perfectly complemented by aesthetics but not replaced by it, is his motto. The furniture of Grund perfectly reflects this ideal: even with his “flechthocker”, a small stool of interwoven wood, that looks extremely fragile, the structure and sustainability remained priority for the designer. His work is pretty diverse: his urns, for instance, resemble antique vessels, paying homage to the handwork, that has sustained thousands years of oblivion.