Kristina Rothe

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Paper combines lightness and transience. It is timeless, indispensable and always present in our everyday life. Even in death, the paper vessels should be an unobtrusive and “easy” companion to the deceased, giving him a delicate covering in transient urns.

The funeral vessels of Kristina Rothe are simple, emphasized by sensual structures and accents. Consciously kept in white, the urns should symbolize a new beginning. They are an alternative to the conventional burial culture, which is characterized by black and heavy, an attempt to make the parting dignified and aesthetic. Since her studies in textile art at the University of Applied Arts Schneeberg, Kristina Rothe has been fascinated by the properties and nature of the material paper. Even during her studies, the vessel was the focus of her artistic exploration. Since 2014, her studio in Leipzig has created objects on the topics of death, farewell and burial. For her urns, Kristina Rothe received awards such as the Hessian State Prize 2016 and the BKV Prize for Young Applied Arts 2015. Her works are in the collections of several museums, including the Grassi Museum in Leipzig,