Maria Volokhova

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The ukrainian designer Maria Volokhova lives in Berlin and has devoted herself to porcelain. In the exquisite works, that she casts and manufactures in her atelier at the oranienstrasse, the opened rabbit bellies become fruit bowls, chicken legs turn to egg cups and heart chambers to teapots.

This way her ceramic objects move between two poles: between lively, organic forms, which originate from the aesthetics of the noble material porcelain and the everyday functionality of the objects. Her single pieces and tableaus, that were already presented at the international art and design exhibitions ask urgent questions about our connection to the household objects and manifest new ways of processing the design pieces. Volokhova avoids the common process and draws her inspiration directly from the anatomy of the nature: the porcelain flows into the form of a real pig-head, instead of a modeled one. After graduating from the Burg Giebichenstein Art College of Halle in painting and design and studies in Bologna and Athens, her fascination for the subtleties and capacities of the porcelain established itself. In the years from 2006 to 2009 she committed herself to the study of ceramics at the Tokyo Art University . Since then Volohkova has succeeded at the international exhibitions and belongs to the most innovative players on the Berlin design scene.