Marianne Johnstad

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Marianne Johnstads work is inspired by change; in the transition between light and darkness, between what is immediately visible and that which can be sensed only in deeper layers, in fluctuating moods and sensations.



She grew up by the North Sea and the lifeforms and cyclic motions of the ocean often influence my works. In all aspects of her work, Johnstad immerses myself in a sensuous and experimenting dialogue with materials, color and technique.



Literally and philosophically, her work with layers are meditations of what is visible and what lies hidden to us in the dark, of beauty and the pain that we need contemplation and quietude to embrace.



It is a ceaseless source of artistic reflection. It is often a cyclical process, where Marianne Johnstad rework discarded and damaged pieces of knit from other projects, and then from them create new works, where she hand dye and change the texture and expression of the original knit. Sometimes she mixes it with pieces knitted specifically for the project. Her aim is to contribute to contemporary art and textile with knitted objects and installations, and to broaden the conception of what knit is able to express when used in innovative ways.