Mario Albrecht

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Mario Albrecht was thirty five years old, when he decided to start an apprenticeship in metalworking design, which afterwards inspired him to study at the Academy of Design and Crafts in Munich. Still, it wasn’t the metal, that was on his mind during all of those years. But plastic bags.

“Vielschichtig”, “kantig”, “überdreht” - these are the names of the three collections of jewellery, Mario has manufactured. Multilayered, angular, stripped. The names can be understood both as description of the techniques and as a message. The much hated, considered worthless material, plastic, revealed its beauty to Mario, as he decided he doesn’t want to hide, but to stress the origins of his art objects.His experience with metalworking allowed Albrecht to use some of the familiar techniques with the plastic material. In the “Vielschichtig” collection, for instance, folded, pressed, cut and then arranged material is given its freedom to create a random, natural pattern at the end of the process. The result is the exceptional aesthetics, mind blowing color combinations and forms of his brooches, rings and necklaces. The secret? “Not dominating, but cooperating with the material”, modestly comments Mario.