Martin Schatz

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Schatz furniture opposes the active life with peace and strength. On the way from preparation to production lies the design. He emerges from the artisanal back and forth between material and technology. So the craftsman gets into the area of his object. There arises a wooden furniture, built by hand, which is not consumed by the use, but only bears traces of it and survives the time in simple restraint. By independent wood connections, the parts add permanently to a form.Schatz furniture is a unique piece that escapes mechanical reproduction, especially as a result of the acute angles and undercuts of these positive connections into which no milling cutter can reach. The tables TANGRAM and PASSEPARTOUT have no frames, which not only keeps their silhouette simple, but also gives them legroom. Special attention is also given to surface finishing, for example by pickling with Japanese indigo and tinning gaps into the wood. So he creates a tension between the naturalness of the wood and the artificiality of the form. The durability and uniqueness of the products is supported by the selection of exceptional woods.