Peter Vogel

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Peter Vogel is a trained wood-turner from Peissenberg, Germany. Three years of apprenticeship as a wood turner in Munich and one more year of the Master training at Prof. Gottfried Böckelmann in Hildesheim have shaped his working style and philosophy.

As the artist himself claims, he endeavors to reify the essential properties of the nature’s evanescence. For this goals he mainly uses rotten furs and oaks, which he then processes with traditional faceplate turning techniques. Applying different materials to the wooden structures he then achieves the one-of-a-kind aesthetics, that emerges from these combinations of different worlds. The associations with withering are not accidental: the archaic-looking pieces should remind of the precious fragility of the decaying wood. Therefore the notched edges and cracked walls of the vessels, that remind of antique sculptures.