Petra Bittl

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The goal of Petra Bittl in handcrafting her ceramic vessels is to create immortality in the world of the present, that moves way too quickly. Petra studied at the state vocational school for ceramics in Landshut and later at tate Technical College for Ceramic Design, Höhr-Grenzhausen. She has also graduated from the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences as a Master of Fine Arts.

Petra Bittl manufactures perfectly shaped vessels and objects from ceramics. She works with different materials and techniques: each of her pieces in unique. Her objects, tiles and vessels were already presented at the numerous exhibitions in Europe. The colors and shades that she uses are not intensive or bright, but mostly dim and corporeal, which endows the objects with the impression of naturalness, makes them more comprehensible and unobtrusive. The forms and contours vary with every work: some are rounded and refer to classical traditions of pottery, other angular and establish new norms. But the most of the works contain elements of the both: archaic and modern.