Philipp Gröninger

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In his workshop in Bendorf near Koblenz Philipp Gröninger designs and forges artistic cutlery and tableware, but also jewellery.


As a child of a goldsmith it was clear to him at an early age that working with metals should also become his own profession. Gröninger completed his apprenticeship as master goldsmith and silversmith in 2015 and then trained as a restorer in the gold & silversmith trade. The silver cutlery, the vases, the drinking vessels and the tableware that Gröninger makes are everyday objects. At the same time they stand out due to their individual design, so that they stand out as sophisticated design pieces in their own right. In 2016 Gröninger was awarded "Best of his craft" by the Chamber of Crafts Wiesbaden. In 2016 and 2019 he was awarded the "Preis des Handwerks", the state and promotion award of the Rhineland-Palatinate's arts and crafts.