Studio Gorm

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Studio Gorm is a design office located in Eugene Oregon. John and Wonhee Arndt, who are also professors in the Product Design Department at the University of Oregon, have founded the studio in 2007 and since then work on producing high quality handcrafted kitchen utensils, furniture, lighting and interiors.

The philosophy of the Studio Gorm is based on functionality, which is improved with every manufactured object through the use of academical approach and keeping an eye on the modern research in culture, history and technology. The ever changing modern lifestyle requires constant development of the functionality of our surroundings: John and Wonhee are achieving this goal with the help of their backgrounds in sculpture and craft, experimenting and using the ideas from adjacent disciplines. Carafes, shaker baskets, studio tables, knives, forks - every imaginable functional object, used in the kitchen is produced by the studio, you name it. Besides, Gorm has manufactured the compact kitchen-studio, “flow 2”, which is a perfect minimalist and functional decision for the economical use of space. The lamps of the studio require separate mention: the plug lamp, with the long, functional yet aesthetic appealing cord, the cap lamp, a pleasing combination of wood and ceramics, and the playful lighting-bug, a single bluish lamp with a propeller at its backside.