Studio Oink

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STUDIO OINK is specialized in the object and product design and creating customized concepts for high-quality interior design as well. The philosophy of STUDIO OINK is the balance between poetry and function, of simplicity and playfulness.

Lea Korzeczek and Matthias Hiller are the founders and creative directors of STUDIO OINK, which was founded in October 2013. Lea studied interior architecture with a degree in 2013. Matthias studied industrial design and finished with a diploma in 2010. The beauty of the work of Studio Oink lies in its simplicity, in clear lines and saturated colors. Among the most interesting designs of the studio “Divano per la famiglia” can be mentioned, a multifunctional sofa with removable parts, which is both practical and fun, the minimalist “Grounded plaisirs”, Tea set from hand-thrown stoneware wood oven fired, or the “Orchestra of bubbles”, the vases from unglazed ceramics, resembling merging bubbles.The interior designs of the studio also stand out through their elegance and colorfulness. Apart from customized interior design the studio also helps with choosing good and suitable art and design objects for home by constantly keeping an eye on the art scene, the market and new design trends.