Thalea Schmalenberg

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Thalea Schmalenberg is a product-, interior-, and communication designer, currently based in Hamburg and working as a freelancer for Studio Besau-Marguerre. Here, she is not only freelancing as a productdesigner, but she also traineed as an interiordesigner.

As best-of-best Schmalenberg graduated from her class in Design at Münster School of Design in 2017. 2015 she won the audience award Bolia Design Award and later she was chosen as Design Talent of the Year 2016 by A&W Magazine and KALDEWEI. She combines materials and techniques in an innovative way, as can be seen in her series Hidden Glories where she combines mouth-blown glass with a base of 3D printed ceramic. The result are drinking glasses with a modern aesthetic and give the materials a new value.