Ute Beck

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Ute Beck is an award-winning artist and designer from Stuttgart, Germany. She studied ceramic design in Höhr-Grenzhausen and passed a master’s examination as architectural ceramist in 1993. Ute Beck’s work can be described as inspiring and dazzling: it combines the dynamic energy of the lively forms with the still glister of porcelain.

So the design piece Drefüßler, for which she won the state price of Baden Württemberg in 2012, reminds of the ancient sea inhabitants; her Sissi-vessels on the other hand address the popular topics of younger cultures. The sculptor is obviously fascinated with the play of form and visual imagery, with the dialogue between the shimmering inside and the matt exterior, decorated with porcelain engobes or metal oxides. Practical vessels become cult objects, jewellery pieces, are archaic and modern at the same time.“Gloss and glimmer” is how Ute Beck named her new vase series. Handcrafted from clay, the vases are covered with the glaze of metal oxides, copper and platinum. The surfaces reveal burls, folds and craterlike indentations. Through the metal glaze they irritate the viewer: he might even think for a moment he is looking at a vase of a pounded metal.