Hermann August Weizenegger

Design isn´t self-contained materiality – it is cosmos.


Hermann August Weizenegger creates worlds – integral design works that combine narrative motives and conceptional elements with classic product design. That is how small synthesises of the arts come into being, where each object is part of a paramount idea. On the occasion of the exhibition the designer presents his book of the same name. Each capital of the book represents a single design-cosmos, which can be analogously found throughout the exhibition in the several rooms of the Direktorenhaus.



With the exhibition “Design Kosmos” Weizenegger displays six of his design-works: Hotel Dresden, Prinz von Amundo, MDS – Merkwürdigkeit des Sehens, Digital Couture, Valse Automatique and Die Falsche Blume. Each cosmos dedicates itself to another topic and leads to distant times and faraway places or translates music and fashion into exceptional design-pieces.



In another room of the exhibition venue Weizenegger besides presents the newest and latest cosmos “RADICAL CHIC”, which had become into being on behalf of the design publisher PULPO. That is where one can take an outlook on the future and on the role and the effects of the design avant-garde.



The conclusion of the exhibition is marked by one room that dedicates itself to ceramics. At this point the designer exemplary shows – in the context of the Brandenburger Manufakturenstraße, which was initiated by the Berlin Direktorenhaus – how innovations in production, form and aesthetics turns an everyday material into something new and fascinating. That is how in intensive collaboration with the Rheinsberger Manufaktur Carstens lamps, vases and accessories came into being.



The about 60 displayed objects prove the diversity in Weizeneggers work in form of fragmented furniture-objects and accessories as well as design-sculptures. The objects combine fine manufacture work with modern production processes and entrance with formal cogency. Weizenegger, who had already exhibited at the Vitra Design Museum, at the MARTa Herford, the MAKK or at the Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden, Schloss Pillnitz, will now show the first extensive monographic exhibition of its kind at the Direktorenhaus in Berlin.