Radical Craft 2

The Direktorenhaus with its exhibition spaces and workshops acts as a transit zone for artistic craftworkers, designers and manufactories. Here “craftsmanship”, the exercising of manual skills, is being taken further. The Direktorenhaus projects alternate between design experiments, new materials, future designs for society and the art of design.

Martin Schatz

Isn’t it great that everything that starts, ends? Our Radical Craft exhibition is coming to an end, Radical Craft 2 is coming. The new annual exhibition 2020 of the Director’s House, “Radical Craft 2″, presents 26 new designers and craftsmen who show the importance of crafts in today’s social future plans. This year, the Directors’ House is focusing on the dialectic between egalitarianism and the celebration of the singular. In the age of mass production, which reduces the actual diversity of life to an extreme, the special, outstanding and singular is celebrated in particular. This socio-culturally fabricated uniqueness holds dangers for our perception just as much as the levelling of diversity through mass production. The result is a new class thinking that has established itself according to an old model of dissociation from an isolated underclass. Arts and crafts and design must not serve this image.

Today’s design has to show that divergent perspectives are possible and that a comparison between options (on products, on uses) does not have to mean exclusion between good and bad, cheap and expensive, but can be an expression of methodical thoughtfulness.

Featured designers:

Andrei Loginov, Amber Zuber, Edu Karin Joseph Pintz, Silke Spitzer, Krediano Objects, Dovile Bernadisiute, Martin Schatz, Lutz Könecke, Ute Beck, Laura Görss,  Jürgen Eichler, Papierwerk Glockenbach, Claudia Biene, Timo Hoheisl, Vaust, Irina Razumovskaya, Simone Fezer, Jochen Holz, Elke Sada, Studio Oink, Klemens Grund, Kristina Rothe, Peter Vogel, Maria Volokhova, JohanenLies .


The exhibition is curated by Pascal Johanssen