Deutsche Manufakturenstraße

The “Deutsche Manufakturenstraße” is an almost 2,500 km long adventure road, which leads you along one of the most important manufactories in Germany along four routes.

The journey along the Deutsche Manufakturenstraße offers insights into the best manufactures in Germany, interesting encounters and unexpected discoveries. The guided tours bring together inspiring people who share a common love for the beauties of art and craftsmanship. The Deutsche Manufakturenstraße connects people with style and curiosity who want to know more. The manufactories of the Deutsche Manufakturenstraße are individually selected with great attention to detail. Traveling along the Manufakturstraße can be done alone or in groups. If you want to explore the street on your own, apps, the online portal and regional maps help with orientation. For group travels, each tour is managed by tour guides. The groups remain small because the contact to the owners of the manufactories should remain personal and direct. Manufactures and workshops can be found on castles, manor houses, grain stores at the harbor or in hidden backyard outposts of the big metropolises. Not only the destinations remain in the memory, but also the landscapes and places that can be found on the way. Since a journey without pleasure is not a journey, intentionally there are a lot of indulgences and regional specialty producers of exceptional quality on the route of the Manufakturenstraße. For example, the Grand Tour is enriched with numerous culinary moments: at the 3-star restaurant or in the country inn, tasting in the vineyards of a predicate winery or oysters' sipping in a fisherman's hut at Sylt. The Deutsche Manufakturenstraße is also limited to a few selected stations, which stand for quality and exclusivity, in all of these producers and guesthouses.