Manufaktur 4.0.

The aim of the “Manufaktur 4.0” initiative is to identify the specific needs of manufacturers and craft-oriented companies.

The initiative "Manufaktur 4.0" aims to identify the specific needs of manufacturers and craft-oriented companies in order to identify areas of action in which strategies of digitization, process optimization and networking are particularly relevant in the context of manufactural production. These can not necessarily coincide with those of the industry, but work areas are still distinctive. One of the paradigms of "Manufaktur 4.0" is the "smart manufactory", which is characterized by its versatility, resource efficiency, ergonomic design and the integration of customers and business partners into business and value creation processes without loosing track of the high quality craftsmanship-oriented production. The balancing act between an individual, personal mastery of production on the one hand and cyberphysical systems or the "Internet of Things" on the other is the challenge that today's manufactures have to face. In contrast to the Smart (industrial) factory, "Manufaktur 4.0" is not about automating the entire production process and intelligently networking it without human intervention (which is contrary to the self-understanding of manufactures), but rather, only such processes are self-controllable. This offers an advantage without human intervention in a high-quality production area. Even if the concept of SmartFactory is attractive for larger farms with value chains that are distributed at many locations, smaller, small-scale factories can also speed up their production processes by processing real-time information on incoming orders and inventories at suppliers.