Josefin Eklund

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Josefin Eklund is a neon light artist, painter and sculptor from Gothenburg, Sweden, currently active in Stockholm. She is mostly self taught but studied Sculpture at Gothenburg School of art for two years and comes from a background within economy.

Eklund found the fascination for neon lights back in 2016, where it started out as a hobby and a big fascination. She works tightly together with a glassblower where she makes the shapes and he uses them as a base for his work. He sends the colored, bended glass tubes filled with neon gas back to her where she builds sculptures or installations from them and sometimes they arrive in their complete forms.

She finds inspiration in both the colors of the nature, water reflections and randomly appeared shapes in things such as asphalt, drops and clouds, which she turns into colourful and asymmetric shapes.