Napat Pongpanatnukul

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Napat Pongpanatnukul (1992) was born in Bangkok, Thailand. He studied Industrial design at KMITL in Thailand and worked with several design studios before moving to study Product Design at ECAL, Switzerland. His interest lies in new perspectives on everyday objects. He works with a wide range of materials and contexts: from wood to plastic and from industrial objects to unique pieces. Simplicity and details are the main essentials of his design.

Domino Tiles is a handy box featuring all the combinations of the experiments that are made from Solid Textile Board, Kvadrat. The box is an opportunity for conversation about the samples and suggestions of their realistic application in the field of furniture, accessories and architecture that will allow people to touch, play, and learn with it. The 28 tiles feature classic and mechanical joinery, CNC-milled details, cuts and bends. Some samples push the boundaries of surface treatment like sanding, waxing and lacquering. Additional alcohol-based dyes, spray paints, and marbling treatments were explored.

The relation between people, chair and plants are transmitted to grow: The high back bench that allows you to sit and have a break while being surrounded with greenery. With 90 cm wide it allows the bench to be fit in a small garden, patio or limited balcony. All the components of the bench are well concerned based on plants, species and plant habits. Under the seat is a space for small indoor plants that can grow with limited light. The roof is designed to be a space for tropical flower pots that favor direct sunlight. In addition, the weaving structure that connects each space together provides moist and a ladder for vertical climbing plants.