Vincent Knopper

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In his practice, Vincent explores his individual, original making as an artist and how that relates to the contemporary context of standardized materiality, authorship and mass production.

An artist, a restorer and a furniture maker – Vincent Knopper pushes the limits of the materials’ coercive nature and challenges himself with it. Through the creative process, he reflects on the connection and relation between the one that makes and what is being made, as well as how the materials he processes are informed by his making, his thinking, his identity.

By borrowing forms from elements such as bumpers, furniture and railings, he creates sculptures that even though not immediately apparent, are recognizable as functional. Through leaving the sculptures’ function open, the materials of the work and the way that they have been processed, become the subject. Vincent’s works are industrially produced; however, it is the intricate details in his works that disclose to the viewer that the sculptures are created by an individual maker.