Echoes in Clay

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Manuel Canu's exhibition „Echoes in Clay: Nature, Craft, and Ephemeral Beauty" delves into the intricate relationship between nature and architecture, exploring contemporary craftsmanship's reimagination of clay as a medium for decoration and structure. A site-specific installation, rooted in dedication to craftsmanship, will visually narrate echoes of the past while resonating with the present through a scenographic aesthetic that intertwines with the Neo-Gothic architectural style of the venue.


Large-scale raw clay structures, evocative of ancient architecture, will serve as a backdrop for ceramic reliefs, and ceremonial vases. These artifacts reinterpret elements from the Neo-Gothic architectural style of the castle, juxtaposed with contemporary design elements, inviting contemplation on the intricate interplay between our modern existence and timeless themes of life, death, and impermanence in our ever-evolving world. One of the essential aspect of the exhibition lies in the ephemeral quality of the architectural structures within the installations.

Constructed of unfired clay, these structures will gradually transform during the exhibition, mutating as they dry, shrink, and perhaps even crack or break. This process embodies the concept of impermanence, inviting viewers to contemplate the transient nature of life and the inevitable cycle of death and rebirth. Through this work, he aims to foster spiritual contemplation, acknowledging the profound human connection to life and nature. Sustainability is an integral part of his artistic practice. Following the exhibition, the clay used will be recycled, facilitating the production of future artworks.

About Manuel Canu 

In the recent years Manuel Canu has worked internationally towards architectural clay installations and ceramic sculptures. His creative inspiration originates from the historical integration of nature into architecture, particularly through ornamentation. Within the raw clay installations, he delves into the realms of space, gravity, and material, reimagining recycled clay as a decorative and architectural medium in a contemporary context.

Currently, Manuel Canu is delving into new media to thread a narrative through his work, creating fresh avenues for self-expression and audience engagement. A recent evolution in his installations involves the adoption of set design as a curatorial method, where a mythological perspective visually narrates the transient properties of the physical world. His aim is to invite spectators to explore the beauty in weathering and the inevitable changes that nature and humanity will face. These installations, crafted with symbolic elements chosen for their temporal significance, intend to eloquently address the volatility of nature and human existence.

Through a mythological perspective, Canu’s work seeks to make the viewer aware of today’s pressing political and environmental challenges. By narrating the transient properties of the physical world, he hopes to spark contemplation on the interconnectedness of humanity and nature, urging for collective responsibility and action.