Radical Craft 3

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A whole new generation of craftspeople, designers and artists are bringing fresh perspectives to field of craft discourse. Today, there is a lively crossover between craft, design, sculpture and technology that is rethinking the definitions of art and design.


Europe’s of craft is considered in its full breadth – from pottery and weaving, to contemporary art, 3D-printed ceramics and curation. The exhibits are divided into themed sections and all of them are introduced, placing each in its historical, cultural and artistic context.


Participating Artists

Barbara Adamsky, Wendy Andreu, Dovile Bernadišiute, Claudia Biehne, Camilla Bliss, Edmond Byrne, Lukas Cober, Marie Eklund, Julien Feller, Simone Fezer, Sara Gackowska, Laura Görs, Philipp Gröninger, Erica Iman, Joshua Kerley, Klaus Kirchner, Edvin Klasson, Christina Klessmann, Jil Koehn, Lutz Könecke, Horst Kontak, Djeric – Hunold, Niklas Link, Andrei Loginov, Kristine Mandsberg, Christian Masche, Betty Montarou, Aino Nebel, Niruk, Joseph Pintz, Sarah Purvey, Irina Razumovskaya, Zuber + Salzmann Studio, Martin Schatz, Sarah Schrof, Marc Schweizer, Tino Seubert, Sofia Souidi, Silke Spitzer, Edu Tarin, Vaust, Gabi Veit, Babette Wiezorek, Amber Zuber.