Arno Hoogland

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Arno Hoogland is an Amsterdam based artist and interior designer. With a background in design and woodworking he combines modern production techniques with traditional crafts and model making.

Creativity and making has always been the red thread in his work. Through experimentation with movement, light, form and texture, his work explores human behavior within spaces and towards objects. Hoogland aims to provoke sensory interaction and make people aware of their habits, while renewing their attention to their surroundings. The visual identity for his independent design studio, is based on the visual quality and motion that Arno incorporates in almost all of his work.

As a starting point it takes a few shapes and compositions from his form-language and turns them it into a graphical system that works statically on print, as well as dynamically on screen. His inspiration comes from visiting ancient temples all around the world. The endless repetition of ornaments and details, knowing that in the present time these kinds of craftsmanship are impossible to reproduce.