Augmented Weaving

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Augmented Weaving was initiated in 2021 by Anita Michaluszko and Flavia Bon to explore novel ways of working around the technique of jacquard weaving and digital forms of craft. Their research focuses on the creative exploration of physical, digital, and virtual tools in fabric and textile shape creation. Results of their work were shown at two group exhibitions during Dutch Design Week 22 and nominated for the Swiss Design Awards 23.

Physical crafts are the technologies of the pre-digital age while digital tools are becoming the crafts of the future. Flavia Bon and Anita Michaluszko are multidisciplinary practitioners in the field of craftand design. With their project Augmented Weaving they aim to bridge the gap between the two worlds by combining the technique of hand jacquard weaving and digital technologies into seamless workflows.

Rather than developing novel products their goal is to explore uncharted territories and to acquire knowledge. By leveraging one another’s technical strengths and interrogating traditional assumptions about craft, their aim is to explore opportunities for physical as well as digital textile materials. Envisioning a future where the digital realm is a boundless playground while the creation of physical objects becomes rare and the ultimate luxury. Their experimental methods are intended to be shared and further developed in collaboration in various fields and applications.