Babette Wiezorek

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Babette Wiezorek lives in Berlin and works primarily with ceramic materials such as porcelain. She has been using additive and computer-aided manufacturing processes (3D printing) for several years. While still at the Berlin-Weißensee School of Art, Babette Wiezorek had studied the possibilities of ceramic 3D printing in detail.

Her work springs from an interdisciplinary interest in generative coding in conjunction with porcelain. Through this, the product designer creates objects that combine the originality of craft and the consistency of 3D printing. She explores the possibilities of implementing organic strategies such as control loops and feedback into the technical system of 3D printing.

She learned to write codes to create the fractal and extremely complex surface structures that would be so difficult to realize by hand. Her designs wander along the border between the organic and the digital and are characterized by the illusion that the solid material sometimes flows, sometimes soft and wafting, like a piece of cloth.

Her designs are not only functional objects, but they also serve as pieces of art that engage the senses beyond sight. The use of through-dyed porcelain provides a rich, deep color that is consistent throughout the entire vessel, creating a sense of depth and intensity. The glazing on the inside ensures that the vessels are functional for holding liquid, while the wavelike surface adds a dynamic and organic element to the design.

The complex structures of her objects, resembling textiles, encourage tactile exploration and engagement. This connection to our hands creates a more personal and intimate relationship between the user and the object, leading to a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship and design.