Jojo Corväiá

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Jojo Corväiá is an American Berlin-based artist. He studied architecture and other disciplines such as graphic design, photography, multimedia work and ceramics. His only tools are his hands, and this gives him the opportunity to get intimate with the material.

In an introspective understanding of “life before death”, Jojo Corväiá’s pieces suggest to have life of their own, introducing a conceptual distortion by insisting on the existence and vitality of the objects. They seem to be found in nature rather than made.

Some of his pieces are embodiments, personifications, and central figures of a solemn narrative. This narrative involves a ceremonial concept, a formality, and a conventional relationship between us and nature as we understand it. These figures, abstract vases as objects of rituals, depict a figurative imagery as subtle expression of human delicacy.

The work itself allows viewers to create their own stories, by recognizing the expressive soul of the work. They can do so collectively or individually, piece by piece. The marks that the artist leaves on the material, clay or bronze, let all sorts of rumors and gossips escape from them.

This “little town” of objects directs us to a doorway of a more profound understanding of Jojo Corväiá’s work. It is an ever-evolving journey that brings us closer to his emotional roots.

His work relates to a perception that transcends appearance, and to rather enter into a territory of feelings. His pieces become an emotional landscape.


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