Christopher Riggio

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The Canadian Christopher Riggio studied at the Concordia University, Montreal, in Sculpture and later on at the Royal College of Art, London, doing his Masters in Ceramics and Glass.

Participating in diverse exhibitions in London over the years, he also works as an assistant to ceramicist Martin Smith and learned and worked alongside Hitomi Hosono and Robin Levien among others.

His ceramics show his great love for detail and his artisanal proficiency makes them seem immaculate and organically grown. Riggio dedicated his latest series to ornamentally detailed objects of daily use and explores the contrast that this evokes.

Given the simplicity of the material he creates mathematically symmetric vessels and vases that are reminiscent of French luxury goods by Cartier from the 1920s. Gem stones and glass are imitated through use of colourful glaze. Like miniatures of a fairy tale city, Riggio’s works are at the same time nostalgic and forward-looking in their contrast between simplicity and luxury.