Edmond Byrne

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Edmond Byrne’s sculptural glasswork considers the concept of the environment most adeptly through the use of texture and colour.

The work can take on the natural hues and qualities of autumnal leaf glows, the inner sheen of gemstones and the eroded patterns of the landscape. In his current work, new glass vessels carry marks that reflect the moment of their making.

Production begins with the building of fabric moulds dipped in slip clay to create textured surfaces. The molten glass is then blown in to the mould, picking up its texture and form. Each mould is unique and can only be used once. For the Metameric Series, I examine the metameric phenomenon; when two individual colours appear indistinguishable to the human eye, their difference revealed with a change in ambient light.

Glass reflects light but also allows light to pass through and project. The nature of this dynamic and how it affects light of different wavelengths reaching the eye lends itself to the this phenomenon.