Iva Viana

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Iva Viana – Sculpture Atelier is born in 2013, in Viana do Castelo, as a personal creative space, and as a result of the will to explore, with absolute freedom and autonomy, the experience gained, namely related to the traditional technique of ornamental sculpture in plaster, creating signed works and pieces.

Captivated by the traditional techniques of stucco moulding, Iva Viana develops and executes, at her atelier, objects that arise both from the fascination with the heritage left by the Portuguese masters in stuccowork and the desire of reinterpreting it. Among her works, one finds mainly ornamental plasters, but also custom sculpture projects made to order, and personal creative works. Such are the areas where, traditionally, male artists prevail, and to which she instils a unique feminine sensitivity, exploring a conceptual aesthetic expression, where fragments of the past live together, side by side, with aspects of a contemporary imaginary.

In addition to plaster, moulded up with her own hands, she also works with clay, and makes use, in the remaining stages of the production process, of many other materials, such as resins, silicone or even cement. With meticulous contours, her works contrast with the magnificence of the materials explored, unveiling the eminent and audacious mastery over technique and matter. A kind of skill which has, at the same time, a transforming and disclosing ability, encouraged by the continuous challenge of harmonizing the inwardness and outwardness, and through which, other extents and ambiences, interior and exterior, project and materialize themselves.

Iva Viana was born in Viana do Castelo, in 1980. She graduated in Fine Arts – sculpture, from the Faculty of Fine Arts, in Porto. Her portfolio includes, among others, plasterwork panels, created for the hotels Four Seasons, in London, and Shangri-La, in Paris. Since the beginning of 2013, she manages to continue working on her previous works, alongside personal projects, which are developed in her own atelier.