Jonas Lutz

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Jonas Lutz is a Finnish born designer and sculptor who is keenly interested in exploring the physicality of natural materials and creating objects that communicate a bold simplicity and tactility.  

In his project Void – Vessel Jonas explores emptiness as a means to create physical objects. Turning the age old process of slip casting on its head he uses the plaster mold as a vehicle to explore this concept. Instead of following the norm and using the mold to copy an existing object, he begins his process with solid blocks of plaster and proceeds to excavate the material to create and shape a void. Through the process of pouring liquid clay into the plaster mold, he translates the negative shape into a positive object and the void has become a vessel. 

Inside the mold for the vase Jonas has carved the phrase this is it , which comes from a calligraphy written by the Vietnamese Zen teacher Thich Nhat Hanh. This phrase is used to remind oneself that everything is always right here, right now. Thisis always it.